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Page has been in love with all things dance + fitness since she was a little girl doing Jane Fonda workouts at home with her mom. She spent every afternoon in high school at a local dance studio either taking classes or working as an instructor. Dance class was her happy place! Once she realized the same things she loved about dance class - choreography and getting completely lost in the sequence of movements - could also be translated to her workouts, she jumped headfirst into studying pilates. Page studied classical pilates in New York City and has been a certified pilates instructor for over 10 years. She opened Page One Pilates in the fall of 2016. Page is obsessed with choreographing constantly-changing reformer workouts that create dramatic changes in the body and allow her clients to become completely lost in the flow of their workout.



Olivia has always been a ball of energy; athleticism is in her blood. She played competitive sports and danced all throughout her youth. Her first job you ask? She was a motivational dancer at bar/bat mitzvahs from age 14 - 16 (if you know her, this is a “ah ha” moment). Energizing others is in her nature and she learned she loved inspiring others to move. Olivia discovered pilates while living in New York City after college and instantly become obsessed with the challenging movements. Flexibility never being her strong suit she was determined to use Pilates to create length in her body. Upon moving to Chicago she found Page One Pilates, and after one class instantly was hooked. Olivia was one of Page’s first consistent clients, we’re talking 6X a week! Always interested in expanding her knowledge of movement, Olivia expressed interest in teaching at the studio and Page jumped at it! She completed her teacher training through Balanced Body in Spring of 2017 and never looked back.