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The Magic Hour

Along with our move-your-body playlists, our instructors cue specific movements that facilitate connection between the brain and body to put you in the zone. We believe in strength, balance, nice people and sexy posture. Sign up for class today and experience the magic for yourself. We're excited to meet you!

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Full Body Reform:

50 minute core shaking, ass building, and dynamic low impact reformer workout. This reformer class hits all the right spots. We use lighter weights to tone the abs and arms, and heavier springs to sculpt the butt and inner/outer thighs.

Cardio Jump:

This high intensity / low impact reformer class uses a pilates jumpboard to add cardio to our fully body sculpt class. You'll get your heart rate up while still getting a full body arm/ab toning + butt sculpting workout.

Full Body Floor:

Mat-based sculpt class with meticulously choreographed sequences that will tone your body from the ground up.

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